Every month we will change our challenge of how you need to prove your dedication to cheese…


What's your favourite sweet or savoury Halloween recipe?

Simply show us how much you love 'Pilgrims Choice' cheese by…

  1. 1. Writing us a poem, limerick, story or song or simply declare your undying love in the text box (up to 100 words).
  2. 2. And/ OR uploading a photo to support your love.
  3. 3. Click send.
  4. 4. Browse our Cheese Lovers gallery for inspiration and to see who else is as cheese mad as you!
  5. 5. 10 Cheese Lovers will receive Pilgrims Choice vouchers every single month.
  6. 6. In addition, every month 10 Pilgrims Choice Cheese Lovers will be invited to join our exclusive Very Important Pilgrims club where they’ll receive cheese, exclusive access behind the scenes, have first chance to try new products and input into new cheese ideas.

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Welcome to the extraordinary, exclusive world of the Very Important Pilgrims.

Congratulations you’re now a member of an elite club of Pilgrims Choice cheese lovers.

We’ll provide you with the first chance to try new products and old favourites and let us know what you want to see from us.

Now come meet your fellow Very Important Pilgrims!

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About VIP

I hereby solemnly do declare that I will keep my involvement with the Very Important Pilgrims (VIP) club completely to myself and not tell a living soul until the time is right.

I promise I will be an advocate for Pilgrims Choice and will share info as and when I know it’s not confidential.

I also promise that I will help with the secret projects to the best of my abilities.

And now the legal bit…

This transmission is confidential and intended solely for the person to whom it is addressed. It will contain privileged and confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance on it. If you believe you received this transmission in error, please notify the sender.

The receiving party undertakes not to use the information for any purpose, other than for the purpose of working within the project specification, without obtaining the prior written agreement of the disclosing party.

This agreement applies to technical and commercial information, intellectual property, as well as goodwill and know-how contained within the disclosed information and supplementary or supporting data howsoever communicated between the parties.